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NW Baseball Academy is a not-for-profit educational corporation under IRS code 501(c)(3). Established in 1996, the Academy provides northwest youth with a positive environment for personal development in the area of athletics. The programs build self-esteem by teaching participants skills such as goal setting and attainment, self-discipline, teamwork and proper physical conditioning. The programs focus on communication, professional conduct, self-motivation and awareness as well as a players ability to accept responsibility for their own decisions. Current programs include summer competitive teams, fall instructional and competitive teams, winter pitching/hitting classes, and year round instructional camps.

Our Mission: To educate youth baseball players on injury prevention, pitching mechanics, strength development, and the art of pitching using the most qualified instructors and computer video analysis.

We help youth baseball pitchers and fielders throw harder, with better control, while reducing their risk to injuries through teaching arm care and proper mechanics with clinics, private/group/team instruction, and computer video analysis.

All of the programs are designed to foster mechanical and mental development. The Academy is an integral part of acceptance to professional or collegiate athletic programs. We are working on adding a page to our site that includes players who have successfully utilized the programs and where they are now. The Academy still plays an important role for many players who are now in professional or collegiate programs.

As a non profit educational organization our goal is to foster the development of young athletes. Each year we strive to raise enough money to financially assist two or three graduating seniors into collegiate baseball programs. Support from the local community is vital to this continuing effort.

The Academy's business office mailing address is P.O. Box 82207, Kenmore, WA 98028. All correspondence, payments, or mail of any type should be mailed to our business address as there is no mailbox at our indoor facility. The Academy's indoor facility is located at 18025 Highway 99, Suite A, Lynnwood. The facility is only open by appointment or during the program hours listed on this website. Cage rentals are available during established program hours. All instructions are performed with a facility staff member and you must be accompanied by a staff member to use the facility.

The 6,000 square foot indoor baseball facility is set up to allow teams to practice all aspects of the game: hitting, pitching, and fielding. There are three hitting cages equipped with sock-nets, tees and L-screens along with a separate pitching area. All of the cages collapse to allow for fielding or various drill work.